Registrations : 11 October - 16 October 2023

This trip starts and ends at Linköping with pick-up stops at Linköping, Göteborg & Oslo.

PRICE: The Base price for this tour starts from 4390 SEK per student for departures from Gothenburg and 4150 SEK for departures from Linköping. Non-students pay 300 SEK extra.

You will receive a confirmation email and a payment email with a deadline for payment after the registration has been made.The detailed itinerary will be mailed about 2 weeks before departure.

Trip Highlights

Visit Oslo and tour of Oslo visiting the Vigelands park, Askershus fortress, Oslo opera house, Royal palace.
5 nights of Hostel standard accommodation (1 night in Oslo, 1 night in Bergen region, 3 nights next to the Fjord in Sognefjord region).
Visit Holmenkollen Ski jump, which is amongst the biggest Steel Ski Jumps in the world.
Visit Bergen and tour of bergen.
Breakfast in bergen.
Visit the most beautiful Norwegian fjords.
Go on a premium Fjord cruise in Nærøyfjorden, which is rated by National Geographic Society as the world's number one UNESCO heritage site.
Visit Mount Fløyen, the highest point in bergen.
Visit to the Nigardsbreen glacier or hike to a picturesque location.
Hike to one of the highest peaks in sognefjord region, a picturesque view point from where the highest peaks of Norway can be seen.
Drive through the Sognefjellet mountain route with amazing views(weather permitting). It is the highest mountain pass in northern Europe.
All transfers to/from Linköping/Gothenburg/Oslo included
90degreesnorth's tour guide & Tour manager support throughout the trip.

Tours on the trip

Fjord Cruise in Nærøyfjorden *

* This is an optional tour and is additional to the base price.

Join us in this once-in-a lifetime experience.You begin your fjord cruise from Flåm or Gudvangen. If you travel from Flåm, the vessel will begin its journey sailing through the idyllic Aurlandsfjord, which is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Furthermore, the boat continues through the narrow Nærøyfjord before arriving Gudvangen, innermost in the Nærøyfjord. The trip takes around two hours.

Would you like to sign up for the Fjord cruise?


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