Norwegian Fjords

Norse mythology has religion and myths about gods and goddesses in an enchanted world worshipped by the Vikings who lived in the Scandinavian region.It is full of mysteries and great stories. Bifröst , is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humans. The gods themselves built it, with art and wisdom. The rainbow is the bridge that unites the earth to the sky, our world of space and time, to the other world, the land of the eternity.Our mission for this trip is to make you feel like in this Nordic legend, in a timeless rainbow of art and beauty.

IMPORTANT: Only travelers possessing a valid certificate with full vaccination against Covid-19 are allowed to join this trip . Negative Antigen or PCR test result might be additionally required, depending on the current restrictions at the time of departure.

Trip Dates : May 20 - May 25 2022

- Stay in Oslo, Bergen & the fjords (5 nights hostel standard accommodation)
- Visit Oslo and tour of Oslo visiting the Vigelands park, Askershus fortress, Oslo opera house, Royal palace.
- Visit Holmenkollen Ski jump, which is amongst the biggest Steel Ski Jumps in the world
- Trip to Bergen and tour of the city
- Visit the most beautiful Norwegian fjords
- Visit to the Nigardsbreen glacier or hike to a picturesque location
- Hike to one of the highest peaks in sognefjord region, a picturesque view point from where the highest peaks of Norway can be seen
- All transfers to/from Linköping/Karlstad/Oslo included
- Food, all accommodation locations have fully equipped kitchen to cook meals and we will always stop at nearby shopping markets where you can shop for groceries.
- You could also bring your groceries along from Linköping since we will have the bus to ourselves for the entire trip.
- Entrance tickets at museums, glacier centre etc
- Entrance tickets to Holmenkollen and Borgund stave church
- Entrance tickets to Mount FLøyen funicular.
The price including all the mentioned services and activities is 3450 SEK(approximately 345 €) per individual. Non-Students pay 300 SEK extra.

Booking Terms and Conditions
The booking is made on the terms of these booking conditions and when you make a booking you accept the terms of these booking conditions.
CANCELLATION & CHANGES: Any cancellation/Change request must be sent to us by e-mail to info@90degreesnorth.se

A.If you register for the trip but you do not pay the registration fee of 250 SEK on time, your spot will be cancelled.

B.Once your spot has been confirmed after paying the registration fee, the final payment must reach us no later than 15 days before departure.

C.If you wish to cancel your trip after you have paid up to 30 days before the departure date, you would be refunded the entire amount you paid for except the registration fee which is non-refundable.

D.If you cancel your trip 10 days or less to departure, you are not eligible for a refund. In case of a medical/ travel emergency, we will do our utmost to help you with your insurance claim process if you have a travel insurance.

E. If you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way after you have made your registrations (for example your chosen departure month or accommodation), we will do our utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible depending on availability.

F.We do not issue a full refund for emergencies, our refund and cancellations policy written above are applicable to every single case. In case we are not able to perform or start your trip, we will refund everything you have paid us for the trip.

G.We reserve the right to cancel your booking in case of extraordinary circumstances beyond our control and in this case you are entitled to a total refund.

INSURANCE:We recommend all passengers to have a valid travel insurance that covers cancellations, losses or theft of personal belongings, accidents during the trip and medical assistance.

CHANGE OF ITINERARY:our itineraries might change due to external factors and specific circumstances, therefore we reserve the rights to change them during the trip in case of extraordinary circumstances. If you are not satisfied with the changes, we offer an option of complete refund if the trip has not started.

COMPLAINTS: If you have a complaint or you’re in difficulty and ask us to help we will provide appropriate assistance, and helping you to find alternative arrangements and any necessary phone calls/emails. In case you need our assistance you should contact us at our e-mail info@90degreesnorth.se. In case your complaints are not linked with our company, 90degreesnorth AB but to the behaviours of other guests or our local partners, please report them to us and we would try to fix them but we would not take responsibility for them.

PASSPORT, VISA AND IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS: : Your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.

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