Norse mythology has religion and myths about gods and goddesses in an enchanted world worshipped by the Vikings who lived in the Scandinavian region.It is full of mysteries and great stories. Bifröst , is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humans. The gods themselves built it, with art and wisdom. The rainbow is the bridge that unites the earth to the sky, our world of space and time, to the other world, the land of the eternity.

Our mission for this trip is to make you feel like in this Nordic legend, in a timeless rainbow of art and beauty.

Trip Dates : May 05 - May 10 2020

- Fjord cruise in Nærøyfjord which has been rated by the National Geographic Society as the world's number one natural heritage site- UNESCO
- Stay in Oslo, Bergen & the fjords (5 nights hostel standard accommodation)
- Visit Oslo and guided tour of Oslo visiting the Vigelands park, Askershus fortress, Oslo opera house, Royal palace
- Visit Holmenkollen Ski jump, which is amongst the biggest Steel Ski Jumps in the world
- Trip to Bergen and guided tour of the city
- Visit the most beautiful Norwegian fjords
- Visit Steindalsfossen waterfall, a unique waterfall location, where one can walk behind the waterfall!
- Visit to Borgund Stave church
- Visit to the Nigardsbreen glacier or hike to a picturesque location
- Hike to one of the highest peaks in sognefjord region, a picturesque view point from where the highest peaks of Norway can be seen
- All transfers to/from Linköping included
- Free rowing boat facilities in the fjord at accommodation
- Food, all accommodation locations have fully equipped kitchen to cook meals and we will always stop at nearby shopping markets where you can shop for groceries.
- You could also bring your groceries along from Linköping since we will have the bus to ourselves for the entire trip.
- Entrance tickets at museums, glacier centre etc
- Entrance tickets to Holmenkollen and Borgund stave church
The price including all the mentioned services and activities is 3500 SEK(approximately 335 €) per individual(student price)
--Non-students pay 300 SEK extra per individual
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