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The best ways to visit Swedish Lapland & Norway on a budget.

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Linköping Departures
Trip to Lapland - 22-25 Nov 2022
4150 SEK (385 €)
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Stockholm Departures
Trip to Lapland - 22-25 Jan 2023
4050 SEK (377 €)  3950 SEK (365 €)
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Linköping Departures
Trip to Norway - 15-20 September 2022
3850 SEK (360 €)
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Adventure Activities

A mind that is streched by a new experience can never go back to its do old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes
Go on a Enthralling Snowmobile ride through the white forests of Lapland, Cuddle with the Huskies and witness the Aurora Borealis in all her might.
Looking for something to do before kick starting your journey to Lapland ? We offer Day tours in the capitals of Scandinavia, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

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