29 Feburary - 04 March 2024

Considered one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights, Lapland in Sweden gets no more than one hour of sunlight in winter. In March, just when the winter is beginning to end and spring starts, the North of Sweden turns into a winter wonderland you've got to see to believe. Join us as we go on a tour to a place that is 200 kms above the arctic circle where you would enjoy the amazing forests capped with powder snow, stand on frozen rivers where one can see snow as far as the eye can see, feel the peaceful arctic atmosphere and experience the beauty of the Aurora Borealis.

Trip Details

  • Transportation by flight from Stockholm to Lapland (Round trip) with 1 pc. cabin & check-in baggage.
  • Transfers from Linköping to Stockholm Arlanda airport and return.
  • All Transfers in Kiruna & Luleå (Airport - Town center - Accommodation & return).
  • Visit to Kiruna church and a guided tour of Kiruna city.
  • Accommodation for 4 days & 3 nights in wilderness arctic cabins , on a shared-room basis with kitchen and bathroom.
  • 90 degrees north’s tour manager and dedicated tour guide support.
  • Free rental of Ice-fishing equipment to fish on a frozen lake.
  • Free access to firewood throughout your stay.
  • Free access to the Arctic Sauna in your accommodation, a one-of-a kind sauna that floats on a lake
  • Free access to bonfire places with unlimited firewood in the accommodation
- The Base price for this tour starts from 4900 SEK (approx. 435 €)* per youth/student (under 26 years of age); 5900 SEK(approx. 525 €)* per adult (26 & above years of age).
  • Snowmobile tour for 30 kms on a frozen river to the ICEHOTEL & Sami village.1300 SEK (approx. 110 €)* per individual*.
  • Dog Sledge tour with alaskan & siberian Huskies (Self-driven or musher driven options).1100 SEK (approx. 95 €) per individual for musher driven, ;1300 SEK (approx. 110 €) per individual for self-driven.
  • Northern Light tour to Abisko National park.1300 SEK (approx. 110 €) per individual
  • Entry tour of the ICEHOTEL.
  • Entry tour of the Sami village where you can feed and pet reindeers.
  • Cross Country Skiing & rental of skiis.
*all activities mentioned above are optional with the exception of mandatory snowmobile tour and not included in the base price.
TRIP Rentals
  • Rental of Cross-country Skiis & Snowshoes. 220 SEK (approx. 20 €) per individual for a daytour.
  • Rental of snow overalls, gloves, boots & scarves. starts from 275 SEK (approx. 26 €) per set.
  • Rental of Bedlinen & towels80 SEK (approx. 7 €) per set.
The rental duration of the snow overalls, gloves, boots, scarves, bed-linen and towels are for the duration of the entire trip and can be rented at our cabins.
  • - Meals (you can buy your own food at the supermarket and there are fully equipped kitchens to cook meals in the camp where you will stay).
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Bed linen & towels (you can bring your own or rent them in the cabins).
  • Anything not mentioned in the Included section.

We offer Cabins ranging from 4 beds to 13 bedded cabins. Each cabin comes included with

  • Toilet & Shower.
  • Fully equipped kitchen to cook meals.
  • Single beds & bunk beds in the bedrooms.
  • Free Firewood throughout your stay for fireplace/ BBQ grills/ Saunas.
If you are a group of friends who wish to be together in the same cabin during the trip, please inform us after all the members of your friend group have registered for this trip individually.
  • Free firewood throughout your stay.
  • Equipped Kitchen to cook meals.
  • Toilet & Shower.
  • Free access to the BBQ tipi tents ( Two tents which can occupy 4 - 30 seating capacity).
  • Free access to the arctic floating Sauna & private Sauna.
  • Bedlinen (you can rent them from us for a nominal fee during the trip).
  • Meals (We will stop at a supermarket during the trip to buy the groceries, you can cook meals in the cabin kitchen).

Preliminary Itinerary

Morning - Day 1
Transfer bus departs from Linköping
Pick ups at ryd centrum & linköping centralstation
Arrival Stockholm Arlanda Airport & Check-in
after security check options
Take off and Lapland bound
Arrival Lapland (Kiruna)
Afternoon - Day 1
Transfers to Shopping Area in the town
here you can buy groceries/ food for your stay. There are fully equipped kitchens in your cabins.
Evening - Day 1
Shopping for food & groceries
ICA supermarket & Coop Supermarkets are Available
Transfers to Accommmodation after shopping
with private vans
Tour of the camp & facilities
Evening free to unwind and have dinner
Relax with your friends in our arctic party tent
We have a big grill inside the tent to BBQ
Visit the Arctic Sauna, a One-of-a kind sauna that floats on a frozen lake.
Make some snow angels after a visit to the hot sauna or take a dip in the frozen lake.
Stay Awake to see the Magnificient Northern lights in the night.
Ask our guide to give you the best tips for viewing the Northen lights.
Morning - Day 2
Get ready for the Snowmobile tour
Gear up in warm Snow Overalls , boots , gloves and helmets which will be provided before the start of the tour.
Tutorial on how to drive a snowmobile will be given before the start of the tour.
Practise Laps on a frozen lake to make you feel comfortable driving the snowmobile.
Travel through the forests and a frozen river to the ICEHOTEL.
Entry is optional, you can buy the entry tickets at the reception.
Entry is optional, you can buy the entry tickets at the reception.The Sami camp is a 10 minute walk from the ICEHOTEL. You can learn the ways of SAMI people, pet and feed the reindeers here.
We reccommend trying SUOVAS, a smoked reindeer sami delicacy available at the sami camp.
Practise Laps on the frozen river and drive back to the cabins.
Afternoon - Day 2
Visit the world-famous ICEHOTEL.
Visit the Sami camp in the village after visiting the ICEHOTEL.
Eat a Packed lunch or buy something to eat at the ICEHOTEL restaurant or at the Sami camp.
Get back to the Snowmobiles to start the return journey to the accommodation.
Evening - Day 2
Reach the Cabins and return the Gear.
Rest of the evening free to unwind, cook dinner & relax.
Relax at the Arctic party tent, Arctic Sauna or go for a walk outside to hunt for the northern lights.
Morning - Day 3
Get ready for the Dogsledge tours.
Vans pick you up from the cabins and drive you to the start of the tour.
Different pick up timings for Self-driven & experienced dogsledge tours.
-gear up in Warm overalls , gloves & boots which will be provided before the start of the tour
Get familiar with your team of huskies and start the tour.
A detailed tutorial will be given for the self-driven tour so that you are comfortablt to drive your own sledge.
Finish the tours and return the equipment
A Warm Swedish Fika will be provided at the end of the tour.
You can rent the cross-country skiis from us or borrow for free the icefishing equipment from us.
Afternoon - Day 3
Return to the cabins after the dogsledge tours.
Try Cross-country Skiing or
Go for a walk to enjoy the nature around the cabins.
Evening - Day 3
Rest of the evening free to unwind, cook dinner & relax.
Relax at the Arctic party tent, Arctic Sauna or go for a walk outside to hunt for the northern lights.
Morning - Day 4
Try Cross-country Skiing or Ice-fishing.
Go for a walk in the forest next to the cabins
Afternoon - Day 4
Relax in the Arctic Sauna with your friends after lunch
Evening - Day 4
For those who dont join the optional tour, Rest of the evening free to unwind, cook dinner & relax.
Gear up in Warm Overalls and start for the Wilderness Northern light tour. We will be travelling about 120 Kms in the surrounding of Kiruna & Abisko to search for the lights and experience unique landscapes.
Stops at various locations and a BBQ stop for some warm tea/coffee and hotdogs & Marshmallows. Return to the cabins at midnight.
Morning - Day 5
Enjoy your last morning in Lapland
Pack your bags & clean the cabins.
Check-out from the cabins and transfer to Luleå airport.
Check-in & flight back to Stockholm.
Arrival Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Transfer bus to Linköping awaits you in the airport.
Trip ends here.